The Be A Blessing Project

The other day l was sitting in a combi when l noticed towards the front a man in a suit.What caught my attention was his posture,the way he seemed so sure of himself and his place in the world.l envied his confidence.l assumed that he was probably in the combi because his car was being serviced or something.So you can imagine my surprise when l called out my stop and he signalled to the driver to stop.He was in fact the ‘conductor’,for a moment there all l could do was sit there with my mouth open in shock.

As l disembarked, all l could feel was an overwhelming sense of sorrow,for the person l had imagined him to be and the reality of the situation.

l could only imagine what his dreams had been growing up.Was his wearing a suit still an acknowledgement of the dream within him?

You see that is the reality for many,we never get the chance or opportunity to live the dream or we lose sight of it and give up.

This man reminded me of myself in August of 2014 when l decided to start The Be A Blessing Project.The idea behind it was looking for people who had decided to look outside of the box and reach for their dreams and hear their story.

l was 14 years old and had a hunger for inspiration and motivation.l remember the surprise of the people l had decided to interview on meeting me in person their reactions were hilarious.

For one thing,on our initial contact l had come across as someone who was mature beyond my years and some had even thought l was a journalist!

When in fact,l was just a girl who wanted to know more of the people who had in my eyes reached for their dreams and were living the ‘dream‘ so as to know how my generation and l could do that too.

This was the beginning of The Be A Blessing Project a.k.a thebabproject.

to be continued…



Hello, so this is me …

It’s been a while since l have put pencil to paper and dreamt and just breathed and just lived and just dared to have hope.

So to know me, is to know my vision, is to know my dreams, is to know hope but along the way that all kind of got lost in translation and l got confused and stopped believing.

You see acknowledging that you have stopped believing makes start to believe that you are a failure, not worthy and alone.

I believed and believe in God, but for a moment there l couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…l have always been and will always be a person who believes that God has set me here on earth for a plan and purpose that is greater than myself and it is my duty to see it through and make an impact for His glory.

So from a young age, l started to affirm Jeremiah 29:11 without even having read it before and this gave me an unshakeable belief and faith that l could conquer and be whatever l could want and l could succeed.

l succeeded, l walked the talk of the verses l read and people believed in me and so did l.

But, along the teenage way l stopped believing in myself ,however, others still did so l put up a facade so as to keep up with appearances until l couldn’t any longer and just went blank.

So here we are now, starting again.